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About mays of england
Founded over fifty years ago back in London with my father W E MAY, working as an apprentice in a umbrella factory applying the finish to the wooden handles of the umbrellas.
After completing his apprenticeship and a young family to provide for he started his own business and with two sons we, became W E MAY and SONS.
Although myself and my brother were still at school we both knew we would be going into the restoration business with our dad, and went along with him on jobs on the weekends and holidays.
so I guess you could say it was in our blood!
After finishing school I went on to study at the London collage of furniture and completed a three year course and from there I went to work as an apprentice to my father for three more years, learning all I could about the business from a master.
After several years of working for some of top companies in the UK, Lloyds of London, Lloyds bank and at the famous Ritz hotel.
In 1984 I decided to come to America for an adventure and a change of the weather!
Once I  settled in california I quickly set about making contacts with local antique stores, Interior designers and decorators and by 1985 MAYS had become Transatlantic!
In 2003 my father passed away but his legacy lives on! my brother took over the reins of the family business in the UK.
which now  has a crew of over twenty including the next generation of mays!
some of my clients got to meet my father on several occasions when he would come out to visit me and end up working along side me, I miss those days! thanks dad! clients I have built up over the years have remained with me since the beginning and I never forget that they are clients but I respect and treat them as one of our family and they have trusted us with theirs. 
Our client base is extensive and of some of the most high profile personalities such as
Robert and Kelly Day, Michael and Jane Eisner, Neil Diamond, Rod Stewart, Sting,Lowell and Michael Milken, Lee Remick, Rue McClanahan and the Keck foundation, Barbara Walton and Larry Ellison.
We have also had the pleasure of working on several projects over the years with legendary architect Peter Choate and have restored several famous Green and Green homes.
Thank you for contacting us, Cliff May