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cliff may
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mays of england Gallery
Here are some examples of our latest work. 
over a hundred years old, Herring bone tiger oak flooring. beautifully  restored in a wax finish.
A beautifully french polished mahogany table
A restored french 17th century oak armoire
Distressed and antiqued beams, antique furniture waxed and polished.
Beams, doors and windows distressed, stained and finished in  tuscan style.
Antiques, cleaned and waxed polished to maintain there original beauty.
old railway ties, before antiquing.
Work in progress, Railway ties being transformed in to antique beams.
Railway ties transformed in to beautifully antique tuscan style beams up and finished. Doors, cabinets and mouldings finished to match.
Cliff may at work, french polishing a round conference table.
Cherry wood panaling and beams stained and finished.
Mahogany doors, French Polished
mahogany entry doors
Dinning table, chairs and Buffet, French Polished.
Handrail and stairs,Re-finished. Cabinet cleaned and revived.
Handrail and Floor Finished.
Elevator Lobby, Pine walls and oak floor finished.
A Secretair from the 1800s, cleaned and restored.
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